brand-logoHi, welcome to my blog.


My name is Ankit Banerjee (@B). I am in my early 20’s and have been computing and programming for about a decade now. I got my first PC when I was fairly young and ever since, the world of Tech and Computing has kept me fascinated to learn and learn and learn a lot.


From now on, this is the place, where I’ll be taking you deep into the world of Computers and Technology along with me. This blog will reflect all that I have been learning and experimenting with. There would be Tech news and announcements, with coverage on the Latest Tech Events. My opinion on all the newest technologies designed to make our lives simpler or maybe a bit more complex!


Well be playing around with Raspberry Pi to begin with and other Embedded Linux Boards to expand in a few months with your support. For the Micro-controller Dabbers around, we”ll be experimenting and learning to create and design stuff that can help the community.


Loads of stuff on Linux, FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), Mobile Application Development, Software Programming and Web Development, computing how-to’s and troubleshooting. This place will provide tutorials on almost all recent technological developments in the field of Computing like Cloud Computing, BigData and the likes.


Everything from setup, compiling and installation of Softwares and Linux Distros along with indepth reviews and changelogs of all the updates would be discussed and shared here.


But I would need something in return, that’s your support. Just keep your support building and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+, the links are all on the top-left corner of this blog.


To get in-touch with me, you can connect with me on Social media, or this via blog’s Contact Page. For Advertising/Sponsorship; other business related queries, connect with me via the Contact Page.