How to Install Latest Nvidia Drivers in Ubuntu

NVIDIA Drivers in Ubuntu
If you’ve just installed an NVIDIA Graphics Card on your system, running Ubuntu 14.04 onwards, your system is most probably running on Nouveau Accelerated Open Source Driver for NVIDIA cards. While this driver isn’t bad at all, but it is still not doing complete justice to the NVIDIA Graphics Card you just installed on your system. To harness the actual powers of your NVIDIA Card, you need to have the NVIDIA Drivers in Ubuntu installed.
Installing NVIDIA Drivers in Ubuntu was pretty complicated a while back. If you were not an experienced user, you would probably end up breaking your system (Not breaking it physically, but you know what I mean! 😉 ) But that’s not the case anymore. Thanks to the Proprietary GPU Drivers PPA, we can now get the latest stable proprietary Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu. While this repository gives us the benefits of latest drivers, the most stable drivers, it still updates some of the existing packages and libraries. But these updates are again stable, which doesn’t render our systems unusable. Another benefit for a large part of the Ubuntu community is that it requires minimal efforts to get the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers.

Adding the PPA for Installing NVIDIA Drivers in Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
Now update the information about what updated versions of packages are available by running
sudo apt-get update

Check the latest NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver, HERE

1. Installing Drivers via GUI

In the Settings Manager, click on Additional Drivers. Now click on the radio button next to the version you wish to install and click Apply Changes.
Just restart your system and enjoy the latest version of NVIDIA Drivers on Ubuntu.
NVIDIA Drivers in Ubuntu

2. Installing Drivers via Terminal

To see all the available versions and get a short description about the packages, run either of the two commands:
apt-cache search nvidia
The above command shows the available versions along with a single line bio or description.
apt search nvidia
This command shows the package name, version number available for your OS, a short description along with [installed], if it is already installed on your system.
From the lists, look for packages which look like ‘nvidia-VERSIONNUMBER‘, e.g. ‘nvidia-367‘ for NVIDIA-367.44 Graphics Drivers (Latest, at the time of writing this post) and install it via the below given command:
sudo apt-get install nvidia-367

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