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Google Allo Google AlloGoogle Allo was first announced at Google I/O 2016 along with a short demo video of what it will offer and it’s finally here. It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered app that combines almost everything, every service Google offers inside a messaging app. The app was announced with Duo, a video calling app by Google. While Duo was launched in August and already has 10 Million downloads, Google Allo is sure to give real stiff competition to WhatsApp, the current most popular messaging app.
Google Allo is a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. Express yourself better with stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text. Allo also brings you the Google Assistant, preview edition. While still in preview edition, the Google Assistant is great!
The app’s Smart Reply lets you keep the conversation moving with a single tap by suggesting text and emoji responses based on your personality. The great thing about it being powered by AI is that it learns with use. It learns how you reply, and what kind of emojis you use for most situations. So the next time you converse, the app remembers your last reply patterns and suggests responses that you can just tap and send.
Another interesting feature of Google Allo is that, now your typed conversations can suggest whether you are shouting or whispering. When sending your response simply slide up/down to show that your are shouting/whispering respectively.
Google Allo lets you doodle on an image, place stickers and also offers tons of artistic emojis to make your chats more lively. While you can chat one-on-one with the Google Assistant, you can always call it within your chats with your friends and relatives by using @google.

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